Who We Are

Hi, I'm Joseph Tate.  I am a software engineer living in Durham, NC.  I have a wife and three children.  I also have a intense and passionate love for growing ideas through creative programming.

I have worked for large companies and startups before the beginnings of Pale Mountain in 2009.  If there's one thing this path has taught me, it's that having creative, inspired, and passionate individuals on a team is an unmeasurable value.  I've taken these traits and poured them into Pale Mountain.

I prefer the Python programming language but I've written in Java, PHP, Perl and C++.  If there's a web language you have in mind, chances are, I've programmed applications in it before.  Whether you've got an application with existing code and need to plug something into it or you want to start from scratch, I'm confident I can help.

So what makes me so sure?

I'm truly passionate about software and design.  I'm a fan of simple, creative, and elegant solutions to complex problems.  I'm the man behind the curtain and I like the curtain to be transparent.  I don't have a desire to be something I'm not.  My business may be small, but it thinks big.  These make me absolutely sure that no matter what your programming needs, I can help fit them.

But are you just some guy working out of his garage?

I graduated from Duke University in 2000 with Electrical and Computer Enginnering and Computer Science degrees in three years.  I worked for large companies, contracted for large companies and I've worked for a startup that had leaks in ceiling of the office.  Whether large or small, sometimes, a garage is the best place to work out of...just ask HP.  While I may not actually work out of a garage, I like to think the creative spirit from those early days at HP are something present at Pale Mountain.