Welcome to PaleMountain.com

You have ideas for your website.  We take ideas and give them legs.  Think spiders.  :)

Pale mountain is a software web application business established in May 2009.  Here at Pale Mountain, we value the customer and our relationship with them.  It doesn't matter if we're designing an electronic greeting card system or a notification program for research tools in large clinical trials...our approach puts the customer first.  That is value everyone can agree on.

Things we like

Nice people, short lines, rich internet applications developed using powerful application languages*, integrating and designing data systems# for web applications, open source code, zucchini, and ginger beer

Things we dislike

Mean people, long lines, poor coding practices, broken test suites, vendor lock-in, arugula, and black licorice


* - Applications using AJAX, JavaScript, and Python
# - SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MySQL